Delightful Dolls Cattery

An exclusively Ragdoll cattery in west central Ohio

TICA  registered  CFA  registered

Member of Ragdoll International


Big, Beautiful Ragdolls to love!

Two Beautiful babies and two retired adults avaliable!

About Ragdoll Cats

                   The Ragdoll Cat can be described as large, charming and beautiful animal.  The Ragdoll breed was developed in California by a woman named Ann Baker, who wanted to capture the amazing docile nature of these cats.  The Ragdoll Cat is today a beautiful companion suitable for a loving family seeking a cat that will be devoted to them.  The Ragdoll is a pointed breed, meaning the extremities are a darker shade than the body, with lovely blue eyes.  It is a playful cat, with a gentle nature and is noted for its tendency to go limp when picked up.  Having a soft, silky, semi-long coat, the Ragdoll Cat requires a minimum of grooming. The coat is often described as feeling like rabbit fur.  The Ragdoll Cat is a fairly large cat, not attaining full size until two or three years of age.  Adult males range from 15 to 20 pounds with females maturing about 5 pounds less.

About Delightful Dolls Cattery

             We are a small cattery located in west central Ohio.  We fell in love with the Ragdoll breed because of  their sweet disposition and easy maintenance.  After we fell in love with this breed we decided to breed and show them.

            We are breeding with the following plan in mind.  First, we breed to have  healthy kittens with sweet, loving dispositions.  We feel this is the essence of the Ragdoll breed.  These cats are often called "puppy cats" because of the way they follow their human.   Many will come when called and retrieve items for their special human friend.

Our Goal

   Our next priority is to bred for beauty and size.  We believe Ragdolls should be large, gorgeous cats whose soft, fluffy, non-matting coats and startling blue eyes make it a joy to behold.  The wonderful thing we found about their coats is having the beauty of a longhaired cat with out the matting problems.

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